Introducing the PitBuddy and its friends!

17th Jan 2021

"I would have won if I hadn't forgotten to turn off taking tires/fueling on my last stop"  

"I forgot to uncheck my fast repair!"

How many times have you said that in frustration after losing a race off pit road or following a late race pitstop?  I have seen it on league forums and social media groups more times than I can count in my 7 years of iRacing.  The easy solution?  PitBuddy!

PitBuddy is the latest invention to come out of the Midwest Simulations workshop, and it sure is changing things in a big way.  PitBuddy provides feedback to the driver to indicate if either side tires are checked, if you have checked to fill any fuel, and if you have your fast repair checked.  Combined with iRacing's common sense macro system, mapping quick toggles to your pit commands has never been easier, allowing you to put them on your button box or wheel buttons without having to ever flip through your black boxes during a race.

Not only do we have the pit functions on the PitBuddy, but we also incorporated some fan favorite notifications such as flag indication, fuel indicator, and pit speed notifier.

PitBuddy, shown here in blue.  Also available in red and black.  Indication from left to right:  Left Tires, Fuel, Flag, Fast Repair, Right Tires

Now, normally we would happy releasing a single new item.  During development of the PitBuddy though, we learned some new tricks allowing us to incorporate the PitBuddy into our existing Spotlights system.  As development went on, this evolved into the Spotlights Pro system.  Spotlights Pro combines our fan favorite Spotlights Visual Spotter connected with a PitBuddy in the middle.  Spotlights Pro keeps the full functionality of the standard system while adding a PitBuddy in the middle of the wire span.  This gives 15" of range on each side for lights with 4 indicator lights in the center for vital pit functions.  Spotlights Pro provides a full wealth of information to help you succeed on track.

As we kept getting bigger and bigger, we thought "what about the people who want to go smaller?"  We are fully aware there are people who live on the road and bring their rigs to hotels or even race from the cab of their trucks at night on laptops.  While wire management is no issue to folks with dedicated rigs, the last thing someone with a laptop and a backpack wants is more wires.  The solution?

PitBuddy Pro!

PitBuddy Pro is the culmination of everything put into Spotlights and PItBuddy in one single self contained unit.  You've got flag, spotter, and pit selection all together in one unit.  Easy to place and able to blend in with nearly any bezel or laptop screen, the PitBuddy Pro is the perfect solution for the iRacer on the go, for everyone from the traveling salesman to the Nascar driver racing from his trailer between practices.  It is also great for setups in small spaces or for drivers looking for a more focused experience.  

Below you can see the PItBuddy Pro demonstrating one of the key functions that make work, the ability to independently choose colors between PitBuddy indicators and Spotter indicators.  This was a key element to ensure that drivers had distinction between what was a tire check and what was a spotter call.  These functions are available on both the PitBuddy Pro and Spotlights Pro models.


Again, none of this is possible without you!  Thank you for your support and encouragement to keep developing as we have continued on this adventure.  We hope you find the new products helpful and intuitive.  PitBuddy, Spotlights Pro, and PitBuddy Pro will be shipping at the end of January with preorders now available.  All items are available in black, red, or blue.