Spotlights 2 Rollout!

6th Jan 2021

When we started this adventure in 2019, we never could have imagined that in just a couple years our product would be used in over 30 states and 7 countries!  Since we are not happy sitting still, tonight marks the first of two big announcements coming this month. Tonight we are excited to announce the release of the 3rd generation of our Spotlights hardware along with Spotlights 2.0 software.  

All orders placed after January 1 will be receiving the new hardware, which features 20% larger lenses as well as a third light on each side.  This is one of the most requested features to allow for more separation between spotter lights for 3 wide racing so it is easier to differentiate between when one and two lights are on.  After a bit of testing, I can safely say that the difference is very noticeable and will provide you with all the information you need while on the track.


With the new design, the spotter calls have been moved to the inside and outside lights on each side.  The middle light is now reserved for flag and low fuel indication.  Along with the new layout, we have also added three new colors to the spectrum for spotter calls including orange, aqua, and magenta.

It wouldn't be a new software version without a brand new feature though, so we added pit speed warnings on the lights.  Once you are on pit lane, the inner lights change colors to indicate if you are more than 1 mph under the pit speed limit, at the speed limit, one mph over, or more than one over.  This provides a very obvious visual indicator in your peripheral without having to glance at the speed indicated on screen.

Along with the new design, we are also adding a few colors to the mix!  In addition to black housings, we now also have red and blue.  We appreciate your patience on new orders as we switch over to the new hardware.


(Image for illustration purposes, the lights still have a 24" distance between them)

For those of you with a prior version of the Spotlights hardware, fear not!  I am currently working on incorporating the new features into the existing hardware.  While unfortunately the additional color options will not be able to be converted over, the pit speed monitor will be incorporated in a patch coming before the end of the month (I am aiming for prior to the Rolex 24, so stay tuned).

We are looking forward to what the future holds and appreciate the support from each and every one of you.  Our goal is to provide hardware that not only enhances the iRacing experience, but also helps the user become a better driver for both themselves and those around them.  We have another announcement coming very soon with an all new piece of hardware to compliment Spotlights, so stay tuned.  We believe 2021 will be a great year, allowing us to continue to give back to leagues around the iRacing community.  Be sure to get your league signed up for our affiliate program to become part of the Midwest Simulations family and ensure your members are receiving a discount as well as putting money back into your league!