Pitbuddy Pro

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Pitbuddy Pro combines our two great products into one streamlined unit!  You get all the features of our Spotlights sytem along with the intuitive driver notification features found in our PitBuddy system all connected together for a full featured suite.

Unlike Spotlights Pro, Pitbuddy Pro is one solid unit with only one wire coming in.  Pidbuddy Pro is ideal for drivers on the go who spend their time racing on a laptop or have a compact setup.  Since all notifications are in one central location, Pitbuddy only needs about 6" of space and hides comfortably on any screen bezel.


Spotlights VS (Visual Spotter) is a system developed from the ground up by iRacers, for iRacers. It was built with the goal of providing a non-invasive, yet always visible system to compliment existing in-sim spotter audio cues. Spotlights VS works with existing spotter packs so you don’t have to worry about having to trade off your favorite audio spotter if you don’t want.  

The PitBuddy is an easy to use iRacing accessory that gives the driver realtime feedback about their pit options.  PitBuddy allows drivers to assign toggles to their button boxes for tires, fuel, and fast repair without having to scroll through black boxes to make the selection.  PitBuddy is tied directly to the simulator, not the button press, so it is always correct with what is selected.  No more sifting through black boxes to check if your tires are selected or to make sure you unchecked fast repair after leaving the pits when a quick glance will answer your questions.  PitBuddy also integrates a flag indication and a pit speed warning light to ensure you never get caught speeding in the pits.

Pitbuddy Pro provide a visual system to indicate whether there are cars around you while racing.  They work for both road an oval, and also indicate Green, Yellow, and Blue flags during the race.  Flags are shown both during full course cautions and local yellows on road courses.

In addition to the flags and spotters, Pitbuddy Pro also incorporates a pit speed monitor and a fuel monitor system to prevent mid race mistakes from costing you down the road.

Adjustable: Pitbuddy Pro can be adjusted to match the light in any space, and has multiple color choices to ensure the best visibility in all situations. Using Pitbuddy Pro will also allow you to remove the spotter text from the screen to remove distraction and allow for a more immersive experience.  The color selection between the Spotter and PitBuddy are independent to ensure notifications are obvious to the user at all times.

Dependable: It is our belief that Pitbudd Pro will provide a competitive advantage to any racers using them. By having an extra set of eyes on the track providing constant feedback to fill in the gaps left by audio spotters, drivers are able to make more confident decisions on the track.

Accessible: iRacing allows drivers of all abilities to enjoy sim racing. Pitbuddy Pro can assist with drivers who may be hard of hearing to understand spotter calls without having to obstruct the screen with text cues.

Peripheral: The last thing anyone wants is to take their eyes off the action. Pitbuddy Pro allows you to get the feedback you need clearly and discernibly without ever looking away from your screen. All of the indication appears away from the racing line but still within your view to ensure that all information is communicated when needed, but completely out of sight when not providing indication.

Timely: What good is a spotter if they are behind on the calls? After using Pitbuddy Pro, I ask myself that every time I hear the audio spotter! Often times, the visual indication is provided before the audio cues play, and unlike the uninterruptible in-sim audio they are real-time and able to react instantly rather than relying on an audio file to finish playing.