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All orders placed after January 4 will be receiving the new Spotlights V3 hardware.  Thank you all for your support to make this happen!  Software to run the lights can be found by selecting "Software Download" above.


**Shipping Note: due to disruptions caused by Covid-19, we are currently not able to ship Spotlights to several European countries . We apologize for any inconvenience **


Light photos are for demonstration purposes.  Actual distance between lights is 24".


Spotlights VS (Visual Spotter) is a system developed from the ground up by iRacers, for iRacers. It was built with the goal of providing a non-invasive, yet always visible system to compliment existing in-sim spotter audio cues. Spotlights VS works with existing spotter packs so you don’t have to worry about having to trade off your favorite audio spotter if you don’t want.  

Spotlights provide a visual system to indicate whether there are cars around you while racing.  They work for both road an oval, and also indicate Green, Yellow, and Blue flags during the race.  Flags are shown both during full course cautions and local yellows on road courses.

In addition to the flags and spotters, Spotlights now also incorporate a pit speed monitor and a fuel monitor system to prevent mid race mistakes from costing you down the road.

Adjustable: Spotlights VS can be adjusted to match the light in any space, and has multiple color choices to ensure the best visibility in all situations. Using Spotlights VS will also allow you to remove the spotter text from the screen to remove distraction and allow for a more immersive experience.

Dependable: It is our belief that Spotlights VS will provide a competitive advantage to any racers using them. By having an extra set of eyes on the track providing constant feedback to fill in the gaps left by audio spotters, drivers are able to make more confident decisions on the track.

Accessible: iRacing allows drivers of all abilities to enjoy sim racing. Spotlights VS can assist with drivers who may be hard of hearing to understand spotter calls without having to obstruct the screen with text cues.

Peripheral: The last thing anyone wants is to take their eyes off the action. Spotlights VS allows you to get the feedback you need clearly and discernibly without ever looking away from your screen. All of the indication appears away from the racing line but still within your view to ensure that all information is communicated when needed, but completely out of sight when not providing indication.

Timely: What good is a spotter if they are behind on the calls? After using Spotlights VS, I ask myself that every time I hear the audio spotter! Often times, the visual indication is provided before the audio cues play, and unlike the uninterruptible in-sim audio they are real-time and able to react instantly rather than relying on an audio file to finish playing.


**VR Note:  In order to use the VR version of the Spotlights system, you will be adhering items inside your Headset.  You are doing this by choice, and Midwest Simulations is NOT responsible for any injuries that may occur from lights coming loose.  You must mount them in a position and with a method that you are comfortable with based on your specific headset.  Please indicate in the text box what headset you are using to ensure accurate fit.  VR color selection will affect the color of the box housing the controller board.

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  • 5
    Huge Game-Changer

    Posted by Marc Cohn on 22nd Sep 2019

    As a long time sim racer, I am always keen to try technology that might help give me an advantage behind the wheel. Spotlights may have been just as much of an eye-opener as when I got a Direct Drive Open Sim Wheel.

    I can't count how many times where I wished I knew the exact moment when I was clear. In the rFactor days, the spotter hardly if ever even worked. In iRacing, the spotter is active but I always wished the verbal cue was RIGHT when I was clear or gave a real indication of when I wasn't. With my Spotlights, I know at all times if there's a car around me, which side it is on, and the exact moment to the millisecond when I'm clear. This allows me to be able to plan moves without second guessing and avoid repeating mistakes that I've made in the past due to spotter issues.

    I sincerely wish these were available 7 years ago when I started online racing, and now that I have them, I'm never taking them off of my sim rig. Do I recommend them? No, I can't simply just recommend them. I'd say these are a downright necessity that will change your racing experience.

  • 5

    Posted by Larry K on 16th Aug 2019

    Ordered the spotlights back in June and received them in a weeks time. Finally got them hooked up and running which was very straightforward and easy. These make me more comfortable in traffic on dirt. If using a single screen I would say these are a must have.

  • 5
    Buy them now

    Posted by Brian Y on 8th Aug 2019

    You don’t realize how vital having the ability to clear yourself in an instant is until you have it.

    Folks, these give you that.

    Buy them, buy them now. Has absolutely improved my racecraft, and confidence on track.

  • 5
    Awesome Product

    Posted by Ryan on 7th Jul 2019

    Absolute must have product for any iRacer. Knowing instantly when another car is overlapping removes any guess work as to whether someone is trying to dive in on you or run side by side.

  • 5
    Spotlight VS

    Posted by Tim Burgess on 26th Jun 2019

    Works exactly as advertised. Setup is simple. It's another critical input to improve your iracing experience. I really enjoy having it. Support was excellent as well. Thanks Scott.